Any Port In A Storm

Married to the Sea - Part 2

As they make their way to Piazza Il Doge to meet with the Stradioti, they see the nighttime entertainments of the festival. Despite the late hour, the streets are still crowded with masked revelers.

The Stradioti captain of the third watch speaks to them, and reveals that the city guard have not yet been involved in the murder, which he had heard about. They did not respond to the scene of the crime, nor was the ring in their custody. The heroes asked about the masked man, and the captain said such a mask was an ill fortuned thing, the mask of a killer. He says only two mask makers in the city could craft such a mask, Benito Sangimigniani and the mysterious Maker of Faces. The Maker of Faces occasionally appeared in the Grand Cassino and wagered custom masks on high stakes games.

Yngvild lead them to Benito's shop on the Grand Canal. Two masked woman and low-cut dresses caught caught their attention and lead them into the shop. The mask maker greeted them and Yngvild showed him the drawing of the mask. He said the work was not his own, and only the Maker of Faces could produce such fine work.

The heroes all bought masks. For Yngvild, Benito suggested a silver fox. Finn and Feargal donned hound masks, one black, one white. Hadumar took a mask that appeared like a silvery helm. Philippe's mask was ostentatious in the style of Imperial Montaign. Ynvild paid for the masks, and also payed for the others to get fine clothing before heading to the Grand Cassino on the Street of Golden Orbs.

In the casino, Feargal intentionally drew attention to himself, speaking of the assailments and implying that he would be real trouble if they didn't deal with him soon. Philippe took advantage of the situation to watch who was watching the Innishman and spotted two servers on the second floor balcony. He surreptitiously made his way to the second floor to better overhear their whispered conversation.

Yngvild joined a card table and slowly began amass a small horde of winnings from her cautious gambling. Finngull and Hadumar stood guard for her at the table. Eventually, they spotted the Maker of Faces in the distinctive four-faced mask. The Maker joined Yngvild's table and Yngvild quickly realized that she could read nothing from the mask makers voice or body language.

Philepe followed one of the servers out through the service rooms and into the streets, keeping carefully to the shadows. He stayed vigilent and avoided being spotted by a watchman posed as a drunk. He watch the server enter a stairway, and shortly later emerge with a larger group of masked men. He followed them back to the casino, hand never far from his pistols.

As Yngvild and the Maker of Faces taded talk and the stakes of the game grew higher, Hadumar watch a group of masked servers fan out along the second floor balcony. He saw a glint of steel as one of them prepare a crossbow, and threw a bottle at them to preempt the violence. The bottle shatter, and the startled man fired the crossbow at his feet.

Chaos errupted as the casino guests panicked. Finn drew his sword and frightened off some of the attackers with dark words and a darker stare. Gunshots echoed through the casino hall and Philippe finished of another two with his pistols.

The man in the devil mask appeared from the crowd, and attacked Feargal, who fought back ferouciously. Finn flipped the casino table toward the masked attack, and ran to his cousin's aid, cutting the masked man with a blow from his claymore that would have fell most men.

As the table flipped through the air, Hadumar snatched his masters cards, checking her hand and seeing that she had won. He collected the winnings, and no more, from the coins scatter as Finn through the talbe. Yngvild ripped the mask from the Maker of Faces Revealing a frightened and startled young woman. The Vesten woman smash mask, and the now unmasked Maker spat a string of Vodacci curses at her.

The devil masked man cut into both the Glamor Islanders, but with their knightly mantles, the wounds were nothing to them. Feargal circled, and cut at his hood, loosening the mask and tearing it free. Finn tacked the man, bringing him down.

The Maker of Faces told them the devil-masked assassin was Giampaolo Cozzini, who won the mask from her but demanded she make a terrible thing. She demanded the mask from Feargal, but he refused to give it back. She warned him not to put it on.

Since they were beginning to gather attention, the heroes decided to leave the casino and continue the conversation elsewhere…


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