Any Port In A Storm

Married to the Sea - Part 1

Four Feck Wits in Five Sails

Three days before Il Doge's marriage to the sea in Five Sails, the cousins Feargal O'Burgh and Fingall MacDondald from the Glamour Isles met in an Innish whisky house is the Eisen district of the free city. Finn was surprised to meet an old companion from the War of the Cross, Hadumar Tingloft, who was now in the service of Yngvild Aesirdottir a young Vesten woman. They swapped tales until the revelry was interrupted by a scream in the street.

Feargal and Finn were first to reach the door. A crowd had gathered and from his vantage point above the crowd, Finn saw a sprawled body with a distraught young woman beside him. Feargal spotted a figure disappearing over the edge of the roof on the other side of the canal, and urged his cousin to propel him across. The larger man got a running start, and threw him across the narrow canal and half-way up the building. Feargal pulled himself the rest of the way up and tripped the fleeing figure, who skidded down the shingles and caught the edge of the roof.

Finn tossed Yngvild across to the building as well, but fell into the canal. Yngvild caught a cloths line, which swung down, and climbed to the top of the roof. Cresting the wall, she spotted another figure fleeing the opposite direction who disappeared behind the chimneys.

Finnl used the fallen clotheslines to make it to the top of the roof in time to stop the fleeing figure from further chance to escape. He tackled the escaper, and they tumbled from the roof and hit the ground hard. A woman's voice groaned from behind her mask. "Get off of me you oaf…" Insulted he choked her to unconsciousness and hoisted her over his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Hadumar spoke to the woman, learning that the murdered man was a master jeweler and had been killed by a man in a devil mask. Her name was Elena and the dead man was her father. Hadumar comforted her and helped her to pull herself together.

Finn carried the captive woman around back to the site of the murder. Elena confirmed that the woman, who was wearing a birdlike mask, was not the killer. The old-city guards appeared and started dispersing the crowd. They confirmed that the heroes were not involved in the murder, and took the masked woman into custody. The Glamor Islanders were keen to leave, and Hadumar and Yngvild obliged them.

The followed the trail of the other fleeing person. They followed the trail to a small square with a large stone well. Finn pulled on the rope well, which seemed to be secured. A Montaign vagabond named Philippe LaRoche had followed them and was interested in finding the ring. Yngvild offered to pay him for his help. Philippe used his understanding of the unspoken to confirm that someone had gone down the well.

They eventually descended into the well and found it connected to tunnels beneath the city. Feargal noticed a mark on the wall, like someone had brushed against grime, and followed the direction it indicated. The came to a crossroad in the tunnels and ascended back into the city, where they lost the trail.

Hoping to pick up a new trail, they sought the ringmaker's daughter. Despite the late hour, Elena spoke to Yngvild and Hadumar while Finn stood guard. She said that after the Stradioti had taken away the masked woman, they escorted her home and took Il Doge's ring for safe keeping. She explained again that the masked man had gutted her father before rifling through his coat pockets.  Hadumar asked, and she said she could describe the mask in detail.

Meanwhile, Feargal and Philippe went for drink. Several men followed them into the tavern and approached them at the bar. They threatened Feargal with violence if he didn't stop investigating the theft of the ring. When he move to get up, one of the men tried to press him back to sitting. Feargal pulled his knife, stabbed the man in the side, and slashed another across the face. Philippe pulled his pistols, and the rest of the ruffians retreated. Yngvild entered past the fleeing men, and asked Feargal to come speak to Elena.

Elena described the mask worn by the man who killed her father. As an artist, she had an eye for detail, and Feargal sketched the mask. Armed with new information, they went to speak to the Stradioti to see what Il Doge's guards knew about the attack, the masked man, and the ring.


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